For full warranty information, please email or contact us, and we will be happy to send you the full information pack.

Quick overview:

  • Smart Repairs offers a 3-month warranty on the repaired section only.
  • Full diamond-cut refurbishment, 6-month warranty.
  • Diamond Recut and clear coat repairs (mobile and factory): 3-month warranty.
  • Full powder coat refurbishment to a single colour 6-month warranty.

Please note that warranty is subject to, but not limited to, certain conditions being met, as repairs and refurbishments are classified as cosmetic improvement repairs, the repair is only made to improve the look of a used or damaged alloy, and the repair quality outcome is subject to the original wheel condition.

(Never use wheel acid on a powdercoated or diamond cut alloy wheel! new or repaired it will reduce the life span of your paint work)

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