Smart Repairs

Smart Repairs

Smart Repairs

Our painted smart repair service is designed to be a cost-effective and time-saving painted repair. This type of repair can be completed in as little as two hours saving you time and money. This repair is ideal as our wheel technician will colour match and only repair the damaged section of your alloy leaving the rest of the alloy in its original colour. 

This type of repair can be used for all types of alloys: Single colour alloys, custom colour alloys*, and diamond cut alloys.


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Areas Covered

Tamworth, Lichfeild, walsall, Great barr, Royal town of sutton coldfeild, Minworth, Aldridge, Solihull, Polesworth, Mile Oak, Hopwas, Fazeley, Dosthill, Drayton Bassett, Woodend, walsall wood, Hill Hook, Birchmoor, Shenstone, Stonnall,

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